Wilf Carter performing in London, Ontario circa 1970:
Photo by Hugh Evers
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The strongest influence on my work is probably Wilf Carter. He was the first real country music star in Canada and is widely acknowledged as the father of Country music in Canada.

Carter was born in 1904 in Port Milford, Nova Scotia. By the age of nineteen he'd moved west to Calgary, Alberta, was making his living as a cowboy and earning extra money playing his guitar and singing anywhere he would be paid for his services. It was during that time that he developed his particular style of yodelling.

After that the music seldom stopped. He performed his first radio broadcast in 1930 and made his first recording in 1933. He performed and recorded regularly until injuries incurred in a car accident forced him off the stage. The recordings continued however and he was far from forgotten when he returned.

Carter's life exemplifies the model of the term "working musician". Except for the period where injuries curbed his performing he wrote and performed steadily. His legacy includes more than forty original and compilation recordings, many television appearances and numerous tours (the last of which was done when he was eighty-six). He was inducted into both the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

His sound and the wide of themes his songs explore continues to attract listeners from all walks of life.